0% credit – really a free loan?

Free credit: After Creditend, financingore now has 0% credit. It is given as a lender “financingore”, but if you look a little closer, it is the the same bank.

But is it really a free loan? Can there be such a thing? Somehow the banks have to make their money as well.

In our Creditend review and our financingore review we have already shown that you should not take everything at face value, what you see on the pages of the major credit comparisons. Above all, the initially stated APR is often just a rough trend, which changes with the information provided by the customer.

Update: Recently, Creditend even offers a negative interest loan That is, you pay back less than you borrow!

Thus, a loan can be more expensive than initially stated, for example, if the net income is lower than the bank desires.
In the case of this 0% loan, however, it is actually the case that interest rates are independent of credit. That means, as far as being accepted as a borrower, the 0% is safe. So it really is a free loan.

The only thing that really needs to be taken into account here is that you do not have any residual credit insurance in the contract and later on There are some reports in the testimonials on financingore’s page, indicating that these policies were included in the contract, although this was not desired.

But again the question: How does such a loan for credit comparison and the bank, which stands behind the offer? We found a response from the financingore spokesman: “Anyone who makes use of such an offer will come to our platform and may use it again if he is looking for a new offer.”

In other words, acquiring new customers seems to be enough to justify a 0% loan. The only risk that has to be taken into account is that one of the loans is not even granted. This can happen very easily, for example, as a self-employed person. In this case, the credit comparison and bank have been given a lot of data for free.

Otherwise you can recommend the 0% credit over 1000 euros of financingore but thoroughly.