Online Casino – honesty of gambling establishments


The question of the fairness of casino games remains not fully resolved to this day, but extremely important. Gaming results are generated by the online casino server, and then they are sent to the player and displayed on the monitor. In theory, online gambling establishments have the ability to manipulate the results obtained. But does this really happen?

Honesty of online casinos

The main factor to establish the honesty of an online casino is to play gnome wood slot or any other game. For instance, the expectation of payments in a single zero roulette is approximately 97%. If many bets are made, but the outcome is different from the control number, something may be wrong. But, if red is generated nine times when playing the roulette, or you lost ten bets, that doesn’t mean that the casino is dishonest.

Special audit companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers play an important role in proving the honesty of a casino. The largest developers of slots publish reports with the certification from the auditing firm.

There are also special websites that collect the results of different players. Then they compare the real results with the theoretical ones. Because of the audit, there is a decision whether or not the casino is honest.

Many online casinos independently count victories and publish the statistics for various games.

Being a part of the gaming community can also help you find out if the casino is reliable. If many players believe that this or that casino is dishonest or honest, then there is a high chance that this is true.

Software released by well-known producers such as RTG, Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.) is reliable. Of course, there are casinos with software from other developers that you can trust, but read the reviews from other payers to determine its honesty.