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PI: Eeva Luhtakallio.

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Research projects, a selection Municipality Strategies for Integrated Schools: Imposed desegregation of schools for transformative social change Att ta skolan i egna händer — styrd skolintegration och social förändringSwedish Research Council. PI: Stefan Lund.

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Retorik, representation och reception i svensk barnteaterSwedish Research Council. PI: Anna Lund. PI: Natasa Pantic, Opportunity structures for inclusion and successful schooling of newly arrived youth Nyanlända elevers möjlighetersstrukturer för inkludering och skolframgångSwedish Research Council. PI: Nihad Bunar, Cultural entrepreneurship in music festivals Efter Hultsfred.

Kulturella entreprenörer i spåren efter festivalenKamprad Family Foundation.

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PI: Mats Trondman, På väg mot en annan vardag. Individers meningsskapande vid pensionens inträde ur ett socialt ojämlikhetsperspektivKamprad Family Foundation. PI: Anna Lund, — An educational Dilemma.

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School achivement and Multicultural Incorporation Ett utbildningspolitiskt dilemma: skolprestationer och mångkulturell inkorporeringThe Swedish Research Council. PI: Tobias Olsson, Anna Lund. Emotion, Space and Society 30, This article engages with how emotions play a significant role in keeping, and changing, social structures and cultural beliefs when a heteronormative gender order is problematized.

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The stage is university level programs in performer training and their work to integrate theoretical knowledge on gender into students' creative and pedagogical practice. The results show that changes in space, new spatial imaginaries, bring about a power disturbance and status relations that require a re-monitoring of who we are in the eyes of others.

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The reason feelings of fear, anger and shame emerge in reaction to changing power and status relations is that a decline in status and power entails a loss of agency as well as emotional and economic security, and in a deeper sense existential meaning and identity.

Artikel Preparedness as a counter-memory. School desegregation, social chances and life chances Ethnic and Racial Studies 42 13How should we understand the conundrum of love for the segregated school — a system built to keep you in your place?

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In Gone Home. Race and Roots through Appalachia, Karida L. Those teachers prepared their students for a world of integration without freedom.

Jag tyckte mycket om den, och den fick 4,5 i betyg av mig. Den här boken, Det slutar med oss, får också 4,5 av 5 i betyg från mig, och den var faktiskt till och med lite bättre än den tidigare boken.

This essay proposes a counter- memory of segregation, a relational agency of teachers past that remains to this day. Bok red The Nordic Dating i s: t anna Sphere Jeffrey C. Alexander, Anna Lund, Andrea Voyer. The civil sphere is a distinctively democratic field in modern societies, one that sustains universalizing cultural aspirations and organizational structures and that has tense and uncertain boundaries with other spheres of social life, like the economy, religion, family, and state.

Unlike the latter, which are more particularistic and hierarchical in character, the civil sphere defines itself in terms of solidarity — the feeling of being connected with every other person in the collectivity. The utopian ideals of democratic solidarity shape every modern dating i s: t anna, even if they are often compromised by the messy realities of social life.

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This volume uses the theory of the civil sphere to shed new light on Nordic societies, while at the same time drawing on the distinctive experiences of the Nordic nations to reflect on and advance the theory of the civil sphere. Nordic societies have long been admired for creating a distinctive form of social democracy, but this admirable achievement has not been well conceptualized theoretically.

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Most attempts to explain Nordic social democracy focus on material and organizational factors. This volume, by contrast, emphasizes the cultural foundations and characteristics of social democracy, demonstrating how civil sensibilities are necessary for ingarö single creation of an egalitarian and democratic state.

Nordic civil spheres, however, are not only pro-civil but also white in color, European in ethnicity, secular in character and gender-equal in a subtly restrictive manner.

A major contribution to the theory of the civil sphere and to our understanding of the cultural and normative underpinnings of social and political life, this volume will be of particular interest to students and scholars of sociology and politics. Artikel Hope and a horizon of solidarity Sociologisk forskning 57 2In this interview, Jeffrey C.

Alexander describes the development of cultural sociology, the importance of collaborative work, and the inspiration he takes from his political action, and from the art and humanities.

Alexander addresses common misunderstandings and critiques of CST, describes the current project of the internationalization of CST, and applies the theory to the present crisis of a global pandemic and the social movement of Black Lives Matter.

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Finally, Alexander reflects upon life in the academic world and the importance of not only analyzing meaning as a cultural sociologist but also working with meaningful projects in order to not be alienated.

Alexander was invited keynote speaker at the Sociologidagarna in March in Stockholmbut due to the Corona pandemic the conference was cancelled. Artikel Importing American racial reasoning to social science research in Sweden Andrea Voyer, Anna Lund. Sociologisk forskning 57How does one research racial categorizations and exclusions while remaining sensitive to context?

How does one engage the social reality of racial categorizations and the history of racialized exclusions without falling into the trap of race essentialism? These concerns prompt debate about, and also resistance to, examining race in Swedish social science. In this article, Voyer and Lund offer American racial reasoning as one possible approach to researching race in the Swedish context.

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American racial reasoning means being attentive to how power and the processes of social inequality operate through categories of racial and ethnic difference, and also seeing the lindome dejt to greater equality in the embrace of those categories.

American racial reasoning is a valuable research tool that uncovers dynamics of social inequality and possibilities for social justice that are otherwise difficult to grasp. Taking up the topic of immigration in Sweden, Voyer and Lund demonstrate the analytical value of American racial reasoning for understanding persistent social inequality and exclusion even when explicit racial categories are not in wide use in everyday life. Anna Lund, Lina Lundström. The dating i s: t anna depicts the interactions as embedded in a symbolic landscape of meaning, one where complex inequalities contained within bodies and played out in interaction can resist and re produce gendered and racialized orders and identities.

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