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Select Page A hotel with halland single annex and unique possibilities Gottskär Hotel is located near Kungsbacka on the peninsula of Onsala that offers fresh air and quiet environment with nature and sea close by.

The Hotel is located in a grove only m up from the sea that encloses the peninsula in northern Halland. During months of the year our halland single are romantisk dejt stenstorp conferencebut our beautiful environment and wide range also attracts you as a private guest large parts of the year when you want to stay in a hotel near Kungsbacka.

halland single

Everything is comfortably in the ground floor and you arrive right up to the entrance by car or bike. If your are bicycling along the Kattegattleden you might be looking for lodgement with self-catering which is one option that we offer.

Charging post for your electric car. A halland single hot tub for 10 people awaits at the terrace where there is also a sauna cabin for about 12 people.

halland single

Inside the doors there is a cozy relax area, fridge with cold drinks and shower facilities. For those who crave for playing, there is also a large pool table of the highest quality.

halland single

The Terrace can also be used for exercise of various kinds, some equipment is available to borrow. The Accommodation — located in four annexes Your sleep is extra nice and undisturbed because the rooms are secluded from the restaurant and other public areas.

halland single

The two nearest annexes have single and double rooms and parking outside. Little further down in the grove gathered around a lawn are the larger hotel rooms that can also be booked as family rooms. Beyond the next grove is what we call the Lodge where you can stay with self-catering if desired.

Each Best Western® branded hotel is independently owned and operated. All rights reserved. Integritets och Cookie policy Vi värnar om din integritet och för oss är det viktigt att du känner dig trygg med hur vi hanterar dina personuppgifter.

Summer Annexes — Café in the harbor and a unique island in the sea The Summer of was the premiere of our café down in the harbor when we were in need of a breakfast-place for our hotel halland single while we built a new restaurant at the fire site. Here you can enjoy good coffee and or bite to halland single while watching crowds or boating in front of the outdoor terrace.

We bring you here with our own RIB, Halland single Inflatable Boat, and offer both adventure-conferences and tourist accommodation for groups or individuals. For those of you on the Kattegattleden with bicycle our coffee-shop is a nice pit-stop where you can fill up your low energy.

halland single

A stop over at the island of Nidingen or the hotel on the mainland will also be a great contrast on your cycling adventure. Here we are Experience Nidingen with your group Weekend package or day trip to the unique island of Nidingen. We arrange your best experience throughout the summer.

När New European Bauhaus lanserades var det samstämmigt i halland single att initiativet passar helt in på den utveckling som pågår i våra regioner och den kompetens vi har. Detta är helt enkelt en möjlighet vi inte får missa. Smart Housing Småland har tagit sig an att samordna engagemanget i Småland. Som en del av detta arrangerade man flera webinarium under årets Almedalsveckan. Ett av dessa fokuserade på vad Bauhausinitiativets värdeord — hållbart, vackert, inkluderande — betyder för småländska aktörer.