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The village extends from Vägumeviken in the south to Kappelhamnsviken in the north. In Lärbro you have a supermarket, hairdresser, post office, gym, riding school and more.

Tower[ edit ] The most unusual feature of Lärbro Church is the octagonal tower, which is also one of the most singular medieval buildings on Gotland. Approximately half-way up, the tower is somewhat indented, the lower part thus being broader than the upper part. The lesenes here end lärbro dating pinnacles which stand out between the gables. Under each pinnacle is a gargoyle, functioning as a water spout.

The nearest beaches are Barläst, Vägumeviken, Vikers and kappelshamnsviken. This particular church is now popular to rent for wedding ceremonies.

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Lärbro church have Gotlands most remarkable bell tower which is octagonal. Hångers källa is a very beautiful and peaceful place that lies just outside Lärbro. It is said that it was from Hångers källa that Israel Kolmodin got the inspiration for psalmen Den blomstertid nu kommer.

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A scenic spot suitable for picnics. Hammarsängen in Lärbro is one of Gotlands largest claimed meadow.

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A beautiful place where you can bring a picnic. Barläst kalkbruksområde dating from the s. Here they burnt lime well into the s. In recent years, the area is owned by Lärbro local history society and serves as an outdoor museum.

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Here you can walk around among the old stone ovens and feel the history around you. You can also barbecue here!

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Outside Barläst is the island Asunden who once was a restricted military area. Today the island has a very rich bird life, therefore we should not visit the island during certain times of the year.

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History says that he killed the priest in pure rage, and then lärbro dating was murdered by the Lärbro dating. Since then, it is said that the yard is haunted by him.


Lärbro Riding School is situated on road near Lärbro. There are 24 horses and activities include riding lessons for children and adults, for both beginners and more experienced riders.

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And during the summer there is a children´s camp. The track measuring 3.

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Here you can include attending courses on the safe and environmentally lärbro dating driving. The highlights are as vehicle like BMW and Honda chose to locate their international pressure launcher to the track. Here they have lärbro dating production with ecological orientation.

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The farm sells beautiful lamb products. Röklingers handelsträdgård is a well-stoked store with both vegetables, delicatessen, coffe and spice blends.

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There is also a bakery were they bake bake-off bread and cakes for sale. Vägume mill also has a farm lärbro dating that sells requirements grown products, includning vegetables, asparagus in season and eggs. The area was originally built as military hospital but was then a penal institution before it became a museum, hostel and restaurant.

Lärbro war hospital museum is here, Grannen along with Lärbro home village association prepared together a small museum with exhibition materials, orginal documents, photos and more describe the past activities. There is also a gym, naprapath, massage, pedicures lärbro dating hairdressing.