Loan financing

Credit Media analyzes for free and without obligation all the requests, even the most difficult ones, simulates free and without commitment your restructuring of credits, proposes operations of refinancing in complete independence of the partner banks.

It is also the purchase of credit in urgency, the repurchase of credit at the cheapest rate, the repurchase of credit with a view to a future fall of income (retirement,…), the financing of customized works or projects, these projects being included in the redemption of your credits so as not to increase your debt.

Redeeming credits the cheapest

Redeeming credits the cheapest

Our job is above all to educate you, to show you and assist you in all the steps of a loan buyback deal, to compare the purchase of credits, negotiate the best buyback rates and obtain clauses of interesting refinancing. Must we accept with or without a payday assignment for a redemption credit? Simple Real Estate Valuation for Credit Redemption?

To know :

What are the costs of a credit renegotiation transaction? Time of denial after signing the loan offer? The redemption of credits is an immediate response to a problem of purchasing power and management of your budget, which allows thanks to a new credit to unload much the total amount of your recoveries by lengthening the average period of all your current credits with a better rate. 000 € and maximum 150.


What is a “Honorary Agreement”, is it fundamental? When do you really need to overhaul its credits and debts? A single fixed rate monthly payment: you only have one monthly payment reduced considerably by extending the depreciation period. The loan buyback solution will only cover personal loans and consumer loans, leaving the home loan running so do not have to take a mortgage. Objectives of a consolidation of consumer credit?

Credit redemption rate, men “who know everything” are advised not to read this page.

Credit redemption rate, men "who know everything" are advised not to read this page.

The repurchase of credits is not intended only for people with a problem of indebtedness. They are numerous and subject to ever-changing codification. We have the right answer to sponsor this work without increasing your debt, Simulate a guarantee of insulation work including if necessary a pool of credits.

Repurchase of loans by specialized banks in France.


Loan buyback: how do you know if you can take advantage of it? Unlocking Loan Redemption and Cash for Your Desires: Realize your project. Is it affordable to redeem credit when you are already restructured?

Cetelem repurchase credit or Cofidis repurchase credit?

Redeeming credits the cheapest? Compare the credits and pay less. Loan buyback: what is the best case to set it up? Is it attractive to contact and then mandate a delegate to buy credits? Loan repurchase converts existing loans into mostly one loan, without changing banks with much lower interest rates.

Who is Tom Thumb?

Benefits of going through a specialized intermediary in credit buyback? Why not take advantage of the advantages of the renter’s lease to finance a car with a very attractive fixed rate? What are the advantages of a credit redemption for a tenant? What happens to the information concerning me, given for the redemption?

Broker for repurchase of credit, one looks for men safe and competent.

The remaining living and family quotient for a credit surrender? In case of difficulty, the risk is the rejection of checks or levies and no longer be able to set up a loan buyback. Can we buy a RDD (Recognition of Debts) authenticated at a notary? Which Broker can we use to renegotiate his credits? Grouping of credits: change a plan with the over-indebtedness commission, increase purchasing power, lower the debt ratio, regain serenity and embellish your relations with your banker, fund desires or work.